Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kelly's Quilt

Kelly and I have been friends for the last couple of years.  
Her son and my daughter met at preschool. 
They had a little thing
I so wasn't ready for it. 
Kelly and I have become great friends.  
She and her family are about to move out of state. 

Last year I went on a retreat in the mountains with 7 other moms.
Kelly organized it.
I will never forget it.  
I laughed so hard.  
I danced (nuff said).  
I pieced most of the top of this quilt there. 

I love these fabrics from Kate Spain's Central Park line. 
She saw it and said they were her colors.  
It's been her quilt ever since.
She didn't know it.

I pieced large squares of some of my favorite fabrics on the back. 
I sashed them in white.  
It's bound in Kona Cerise (a favorite).  

I gave this quilt to Kelly on Monday. 
 She loved it.  
 It wasn't hard to give away. 
 It was hard to see it go. 
 It meant she is going too. 
 I'm going to miss my friend. 
 Who is a big goof ball. 
 Someone who makes me laugh.
 A sincere friend.  
(excuse the lame iPhone photo)

It's not goodbye.  
I'll see you later :)

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and story! I'm sure she will think of you every time she's wrapped in it! ��