Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been wanting a new sewing machine for a long time, but like most people, there's been many things higher on the list of priorities.   I currently sew on a little Brother that I've had for almost 5 years.  It's been a workhorse, especially these past few months when I've sewn on it pretty much every day.  Just recently I've had some projects that I could not will my machine to do.  I used a friend's machine and I even rented time on a machine at Sew Modern to finish a couple of projects.  So, I started doing some research and I narrowed my decision down between the Janome MC6600P and the Husqvarna-Viking Sapphire 875.  I tried them both out, asked lots of questions, read lots of message boards about the pro's and con's of both, and I was won over by the Janome!
I'm going to go buy it tomorrow, and I can't wait to sew on it!  Come to mama! I'll post some pics soon!!


  1. I wish you had included more details about each machine.
    Were you regaled with purported wonders of being able to control presser foot pressure on the Husq product? Does it make up for not having Accufeed?
    Would dual feed help you with stretchy knits? Ethereal silks .... 6 momme & less?

  2. Hi! I am a quilter, so I was looking more for things related to quilting when checking out these two machines. I can tell you that I went with the Janome over the Husq for a few reasons. I did like that the extension table and the FMQ foot were included in the price of the Janome (which was considerably less to start). I did not like that the Husq took one more stitch forward before it started backstitching whereas the Janome takes another stitch in place. I liked that the Janome has a knee lift and I do find it useful. I couldn't say how the Janome handles knits or silks, as I'm not a garmet sewer and have never sewn with these fabrics. I would recommend bringing in fabrics you tend to sew with and sitting down and sewing on each of the machines you're considering to see how they compare. Hope this helps! Happy sewing :)